TCI brochure & curriculum

Only Institute in India which provides 360° solution to learn stock market trading

Foundation Module:

  • How to make your money work for you more efficiently (Market Secrets)
  • Basic of Technical analysis:What is stock market & how it works ?
    • Candlestick patterns and its uses
    • Psychology of chart patterns
    • Indicators and when to use which
  • Best technique to find market trends.
  • How to differentiate between Genuine growth stocks and manipulated stocks
  • When does Price follow the news ? When to follow the news and when to follow Price action ?
  • How to find out the extraordinary moves before the news is out?
  • How to think and visualize the market like Pro traders
  • Price action secrets that no one will tell you
  • How Pro traders trades and why they make consistent returns

Pro Module:

  • How supply-demand creates an opportunity for us.
  • How to trade with the flow, but when markets are roaring and sell on markets are bleeding.
  • Pro-tip on Money Management to trade and invest with limited capital
  • How to filter setups to avoid false setups and increase trading accuracy
  • Trading & Investing Psychology
    • How market works in general so that 90% of people loss money
    • How to break that chain and become profitable
    • The trading mindset of Pro traders
  • Tredcode – A master tool to find institutional moves:
    • Pre-market Opportunity using Tredcode for office goers.
    •  Intraday boost and High-power stocks for intraday
    • Momentum spike for intraday trading for office goers.
    • Top-level & Low-level stocks for intraday trading for office goers.
    • Smart money flow using Sectoral flow analysis
    • Multi resistance and support breakout for Breakout trading
    • Upside & Downside LOM for reversal traders
    • Daily Contraction setups for Swing opportunities
    • The broader market trend through Swing Dashboard
    • Tracking Nifty & BankNifty momentum using OI compass
    • Tracking positions of big players in Index
  • Best Proven System / Methodology – a Step-by-Step Guide to making Buy/sell decisions.
    • Intraday smart money-flow strategy
    • Reversal TRADING using LOM
    • Momentum Spike Intraday
    • Top Level/Low-level strategy
    • MBO Swing Trading strategy
    • Pre-Market Strategy
  • When to use which strategy for the best results
  • Updated Entry / Exit/set targets and proper stop losses in volatile Market parameters to maximize return
  • Execution / Live examples / Doubts clearing /additional tips through Live sessions


  • Live Doubt clearing session in the evening (weekly 3 sessions, 2 hours each)
  • Weekly 2 live market sessions where we will discuss Market overview: Markets structure and plan ahead. Nifty / Bank Nifty analysis and important levels.  How should an investor/trader approach that market?

F&O module:

  • Basics of Futures &Options
  • Why Trade in Derivatives Market? What are the advantages?
  • How to save from Futures trading taxes?
  • Why are options better than futures?
  • Option Types – When to choose what?
  • What is Open Interest in a Simple way?
  • Rules of the game – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Decision on Buying vs. Selling an Option | VIX impact
  • Special options buying strategies for limited capital
    • Options Buying – Trending markets | Breakout setup | Options behavior | How to Enter / exit  & put stop losses in options
    • Option Buying – Reversal setup | Options behavior | How to Enter / exit  & put stop losses in options
      • OI compass analysis to find the money flow using Tredcode
  • Options Analysis & Trading Strategies for sideways markets
    • Multi-leg options Strategies to maximize profit with minimal risks | 2- 3- 4 leg strategies
  • Max pain concept
  • Big player’s Position tracking through Futures (SC, SB, LB, LU)
  • Volume contribution in Price movements, How to track and enter perfectly using POC setup (Hedge Fund Setup)
  • When to use and when not to use these strategies | Entry / Exit parameters | Execution / Live examples / Doubts clearing /additional tips through Live sessions




Our Course:

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