It was an evening in 2020; a young guy was sitting in his room looking for an income. Just then, he started to google and got some links in telegram, and it so happened that he saw the post. The next day, he decides to open a Demat account, borrow some money from the parents, and start trading. Fast forward to 2021, and he has lost the money he borrowed from his parents. This is just one example that is mentioned and too many untold stories are there.

Do you also want to know what to do if you are losing daily in the stock market? Then give this post a good read, and you’ll know…!! 

1). Understand Where Are You Lagging Behind

If you keep losing money consistently, you are indeed doing something that’s not meant to be done…!! It’s as simple as that. You just have to identify this shortcoming and makeup to it. 

Now, many people lose money, and they lose money because of different things. Here are some of them, identify where you lag: 

  • — Improper Position Sizing

If you have a pocket-size of 20 thousand rupees, and you are making positions with leverage that goes as high as a hundred thousand rupees, then you are sure on the way to lose daily. Why? Because too prominent a position will get you scared in a trade. And if you are anything than calm while trading, you are bound to make losses. 

To combat this, keep your position size in check. Of course, the margin is not at all a bad thing. We ourselves at TCI use it to mint big. But, at the same time, it’s a double-edged sword. You should always start small with quantity and then gradually increase the quantity. 

  • — Improper Stop Loss

Another reason you might be losing money while trading is the stop-loss orders you set or don’t. Often, newbies tend to trade without a stop-loss order which is a sure-shot way to pile on the negative red days. You need to understand that you have to have a proper stop-loss and target; otherwise, it’s like a dog running behind its tail. 

Another type of trader who knows about stop-loss but doesn’t act smartly also enough loses money in the market. If you, too, are giving your stop-loss of 5 points against a target of 50-60 points, then you are in it for losing money. You need to set a proper stop-loss to limit your losses and expand your horizon to profits. 

2) Don’t Get Fascinated By Options.

New traders, especially those who started trading in 2020, often do this – they are fascinated by options. If you are new to trading, then you shouldn’t be tempted by this instrument. Why? Because of how nice and easy it may seem on those to get thousands of profit while trading naked options, it isn’t easy at all…!! The things like premium decay and theta are always there to beat you if you are an option buyer with no proper strategy. 

If you are losing too much money in the derivatives segment, then it’s about time to call it off for some time. Take your time to learn about the complexity of options and get to know how to handle them. You can also take the help of a mentor. Don’t forget that we at TCI are always eager to help you out with any trading queries. 

3) Shift From Indicators To Price Action 

If your charting screen looks like this, then no one can stop you from losing money in the stock market. 

You need to accept that indicators don’t work much in the market if you are day trading daily. Indicators were invented years ago for understanding certain things in the market and not completely depending on that. Today, the market has become much more dynamic and volatile, and the only thing that works is – DATA & Price action. 

The chart of a typical price action trader doesn’t look like the above one. Does it look something like this. ????????

You should also learn the holy grail of trading – Price Action. If you are confused about where to learn it, don’t worry, your friends at Trading Cafe India are always here to help you master price action. 

4) Trade, When You Are Trading

If you think that day trading is something that you can take up as a side profession to your job, you are heavily wronged. If there’s a daily scenario where you are managing your office chores along with trading, again, you are opening gates to losing more money than earning. 

You need to understand that you can’t multi-task while day trading. You need to have a clear, calm, and composed mind while you punch in any order or are in a trade. Do not try to handle your video calls, con-calls, or even entertain any meeting while trading. If you can’t take out dedicated time out of your schedule, it’s better to go for a swing/positional trading rather losing money daily in intraday trading.

5) Improve Your Lifestyle 

Many newbie traders just get up right at 9:10 A.M. Even without doing the healthy routine, they open the mobile application and start punching in orders like crazy. Sometimes they make money, but they lose it most of the time…!! If you can relate to this, you need to change your lifestyle. 

Trading is a professional job, and it demands the dedication of that level. A good trader is always a good human in life. So you also need to improve your lifestyle – get up on time, meditate, eat clean, and keep your mind empty of other noise when you are about to initiate a trade.


So these were some of the concise points from all the knowledge and experience we have in trading. Give them a thorough read again before you start trading again. Meanwhile, you can take a break and try practicing all the things mentioned above in real-time. Remember, don’t give up on trading because you are losing. Give up on losing because you will be trading….!! Also, before giving up on trading, let’s try one more time – this time, with TCI. 

If you want to understand and trade using the price action in the market like how we use TREDCODE to simplify our trading, you can learn it better from our Mentorship programs and become an independent profitable trader like our students.


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