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About “TCI”

We teach proven methods and provide live market practical training so you can fast forward in your stock market trading journey.

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Your Trade Buddy

We have 3 unique features which will never leave you alone until you become successful.

Dedicated support portal

All your queries will get solved by pinpoint answers.

Master tool - TREDCODE

Now find the best trade opportunities where big players and fund houses are focusing to trade.

Community of Pro traders/ Investors

Top traders are going to share their trading signals, trading plan, setups and ideas.

Trading for a Living

Focus the next 5 months on your trading & you will have the opportunity to replace your main source of income.

Ajit Shrivastav

Due to my work never able to give time to my family, because of trading Im finally able to generate consistent income, so now I can give quality time to my family, thanks team TCI to shom me the right way of trading.

Vyankatesh Rajan

Well designed and detailed informative classes from TCI gave me confidence to make career into trading, and backed my decision with their ultimate support and care

Aasta Joshua

pandamic gave me chance to follow my passion and TCI made it worth imrpoving my trading knowledge right from the scratch, with initial baby steps to looking confident consistent trader, rushi sir and team took so much efforts on me, always humble and ready to guide you thru all the doubts

Manish Surve

Even being in finance industry I was not able to make right trading mindset earlier. your practical approach and clean teaching methods made it easy for me. happy to found you

Avdhesh Sikka

I firmly believe in price action supremacy and TCI methods gave me reason to back my belief, A newcomer in trading to consistent 10% maker in a month

Hitraj R

I travelled more than 20 states in India for filming and my profession is backed my trading, thanks chinmay sir, for making this possible, and bringing out the best intraday trader in me.

Viren Bhanushali

I am passionate about markets and from last 5 years I searched for sometihng that will work for me in options trading. with learned strategies in TCI I'm able to find super setups in bank nifty where I can trade according to my time and convenience

Satyam Balakrishnan

Not a single day passes without thanking chinmay sir for making my options concepts crystal clear, and made me confident in options selling with more than 80% accuracy and teaching rock solid risk management with secrets of option which I can not get anywhere else.

Mayank Patel

When you are in uncertain profession where, you must have second source of income, trading was the only option. You made my choice right and now I'm following my passion with proper earning. Thanks team TCI

Suhana Joshi

Trading become fun only when I learned it's not every day making profits but being profitable over the time, thanks rushi sir for changing my mindset as winner and providing lots of insiders

Sunil Pant

When chinmay sir explained options in his most unique way, everything is now crystal clear for me. and now im very confidence while trading options. Must do course if you want to become options trader

Piyush Gupta

Handling large capital and growing it consistently is challenging. happy to get mentors who worked with big institutes, so learned how smart money work, and using knowledge I learned in TCI making regularly good returns

Bhavya Jani

My 3 friends enrolled for TCI program and once got benefits recommended me as well. No wonder your support system is excellent and solved all my queries. lucky to have TCI mentors for life time. My profitable journey just started now, will surely achieve lots of milestones

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TCI Fund Challenge

We empower the traders by giving them direct access to Fund. TCI students who are consistent but doesn't have big enough capital can participate in this program for free.

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    Options buyer who has 22 weeks winning streak record

    If Trading Cafe India wouldn't have been there, I would have left trading like everyone else. As an option buyer in stocks and BankNifty , I am only using TCI's method to trade. Now I am confident consistent trader



    Intraday Master who is consistent enough to live life financially independent

    Was in market for more than 3 years before joining TCI. But it was TCI who guided me in right direction and provided the tools and techniques which became a turning points in my Trading Career.



    Options Trader who is making weekly +20k profits

    From starting to ending, it was TCI who played a role of big brother and helped me in understanding all concepts. This success is only possible of their proven methods and highly effective tools. Thanks TCI for being my learning partner.

More Success Stories

Get Success In Financial World

Placements & Career Opportunities

We have Collaborated with Multiple brokers so that we can provide career opportunities. All vacancy will be posted directly on career section on Students portal.

Guidance for NISM exams

Our integrated NISM preparation module will help you clear NISM exam & also ensures that you are listed as a top achiever in financial world.

TCI super trader

Our Curriculum

3 months Program, Online Live session only.

Foundation Module
  • 1. How to differentiate between Genuine growth stocks and manipulated stocks

  • 2. When does news follows the price action? How to find out the extraordinary moves before the news is out.
  • .
  • .
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Pro Module
  • 1. How to filter setups to avoid false setup and increase trading accuracy
  • 2. Pro tip on Money Management to trade and invest with limited capital
  • 3. Trading & Investing Psychology
  • 4. When to use which strategy for the best results
  • .
  • .
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F&O Module
  • 1. Basics of Futures &Options
  • 2. Special options buying strategies for limited capital
  • 3. Decision on Buying vs. Selling an Option
  • 4. Best options strategies for Sideways Market
  • 5. Best options strategies for the Trending market
  • .
  • .
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  • Complete Trading System
  • Begin with Basic
  • Master Tool - TREDCODE
  • Revision Sessions
  • Futures & options trading
  • Live market sessions
  • Vibrant community
  • Life time access

Why Choose TCI For Financial Success

  • Certified program

  • Live market updates

  • TCI community

  • Live market sessions

  • Dedicated support portal

Why Choose TCI?

Features Trading Cafe India Other
Live Market sessions
Live doubt Clearing sessions
Master tool - Tredcode
Hindi/English sessions
Students Portal
Dedicated support Portal
Trader's Community to share ideas
Job Placement cell
NISM exam preparation

TCI = Take Consistent Income

Transparency & Honesty

We offer you transparent, honest and valuable advice that ensures BIG wins for those who put in the work and commit to their success. Whether you’re new to trading and need step-by-step guidance into what to do and how, or if you’re experienced in the markets but not getting consistent result, we can help you maximize your profits.

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Our Faculty Team

Chinmay Dudhane Research Analyst
F&O trader, +10 years experience
Rushikesh Tarlekar NISM certified
Options Expert, +8 years experience
Prashant Thorat IITian
Equity trader
Dr. Raj K CFA, Ex-Fund Manager
Curriculum Creator

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Frequently Asked Questions

yes, we do teach individuals right from very beginning to give them learning how stock market works from ABCD of technicals to advance level trading so they can generate consistent income from trading

Yes we will conduct session in Hindi and English both.

Yes, we will conduct live market sessions in morning hours. We understand that trading education is incomplete without live market session. There will be total 10 live market sessions.

You can repeat that again. We have scheduled our Time table in such a way that you can repeat all session multiple times.

We will be having in detail dedicated doubt clearing session every week.

Its a 3 month Program. In this, we will be having 20+ live doubt clearing sessions and 10 Live market sessions.

See capital is not an issue. In fact We advise every student to start with small capital. Practice and work on setups we teach in our sessions. And start getting small profits. Once you achieve consistency, then gradually start adding profits back into the capital and scale-up. I will tell you straight forward, If you can’t make money with 10 thousand, you won’t be able to make money with 10 lakhs. Also, we understand that some traders face difficulties in gathering funds to trade. So if you are TCI students who is trading with our methods and making consistent returns from the market, but just because of a lack of funds you are not able to scale up or move forward, we will provide you with the capital on profit sharing basis where the major profit part will be with you.

Well answer is simple : Learn from mistakes. But but, there is smarter way to do it. Rather than making all mistakes by yourself, that ofcourse will consume time , money and energy, we can learn from other pro traders who have travelled the road that you are on. And See I always tell others, you can recover the money lost, but you can never recover the time and energy wasted by trading wrong method. Now the main part, at TCI we have community of Pro traders with more than 10+ years of experience. These Pro traders who are trading consistently will share their trade ideas, trade setups, profit loss on daily basis. This will give you 1 year of practical experience in just 1 month. That's why our traders take less time to learn. we all spend atleast 30 minutes on TCI community daily to see what other traders are doing and try to learn from their success , mistakes and wisdom.

Teens, employees, business owners, house maker wives, adults basically anyone who wants to generate passive or active income from stock markets can join this course. You don't need any pre-qualification to join our program.

No, if you are in markets for some time and you have basic knowledge of candlestick patterns, basic chart patterns you can start from our advance module.

we will provide you in total 20+ live mentoring sessions, strategy sessions, entry exit criteria (risk management & trade management ), revision sessions, case studies, psychology sessions & 10 Live market sessions

Yes, you will get life time access of Tredcode and TCI community as we know strategy part is just 30% , rest is live market updates from top traders and our advance tools access for find best trade opportunities.

Many have recovered fees in the 1st week of trading after following our process. Some took a month as well. Well it depends on your trading capital. It also depends on how you follow learnings with discipline.

We will make core topic videos and necessary study material available on the students portal. Which you can have access for a lifetime.

Some of our students get a very good hand on trading with our methods, but due to low capital they are not able to make it big. We provide them funds and create opportunities for those who are serious about making a career in trading. (only for our enrolled students)

Firstly, 80% of our students are doing full time jobs or Businesses. It is absolutely possible to trade and do your work side by side. For that You need a system so that you can focus on right things at right time. We have developed 3 unique features to help Job and business personal to trade side by side: In our TCI community We have a “trading signal” category where pro traders will share trading ideas and setups for intraday as well as swing trading in a live market. You can come at any time in market hours and can quickly find where to focus. Our smart scanner Tredcode. Tredcode is built for this reason only. To find smart money flow at any point in the day. It doesn’t matter whether you are trading stocks on Index options, Tredcode will help you to find the best trading opportunity available at that specific time of the day. Finally we have a messenger in Tredcode where TCI mentors will share what we are focusing on that day, plan for the day, Nifty Banknifty views & other things to guide you.